Making Democracy Work

2017 Special Session

League ACTIONS for the Special Session! Contact your elected officials today!

Actions to support Texas Pubic Schools

Girl studying

LWV-TX Position Public Education Diann Andy

Update Voting Rights and Election Laws

People in line voting

LWV-TX Position Voting Rights and Election Laws - Cinde Weatherby

  • Review update on bills. Let LWV-TX know If you have any additional local information on mail ballot abuse in your county.

Actions on Women's Health

Action to Save your City Tree Ordinances!

Land cleared of all trees

LWV-TX Position Land Use - Jensie Madden

Actions on to prevent discrimination against fellow LGBT Texans!

rainbow heard cupped in hands

LWV-TX Position Equal Opportunity - Amber Briggle

2017 Special Session Update

by Grace Chimene LWV-TX

The Senate is rolling bills through extremely fast!

Our fantastic League volunteers work extremely fast to review Senate Bills and provide feedback where they can. You can help! Keep up with League Actions at the Capitol and testimony

Don't let elected officials make decisions without your feedback! Thank officials if they support a bill you like! Explain your thoughts on bills where elected officials disagree with you! Help Make Democracy Work in Texas! Take action below!

You can make a difference! ACT NOW!

Actions at the Capitol will be rapid fire! You need to contact your elected officials every day. Action alerts will be posted on the Texas League Facebook page & updated frequently on this LWV-TX 2017 Special Session web page.

Contact your Senator and Representative! They need to hear from constituents!

Elected officials will be under a lot of pressure. They can easily fold and give in on important issues like vouchers. Representatives especially need to hear from you!

You have a voice. BE LOUD! Visit, call, write, e-mail and then repeat!

Make your actions even more effective:
  • Share ACTIONS with your local Leagues!
  • Share ACTIONS with friends!
  • Share ACTIONS with other supportive organizations!

Texas Tribune provides live streaming from Capitol

League Actions at the Capitol