Making Democracy Work

Students Away at College Can Vote!

The LWV-TX encourages all Texas students away at college to vote for their future!

College Students Away at College Can Vote!

Quick Voter Links

Live Away at College? VOTE!

Are you registered at your parents' address?

  • Drive home and VOTE IN PERSON during early voting or on Election Day (don't forget to bring your dirty clothes to wash)
  • VOTE BY MAIL Print Application, sign, and email or turn into your county election office Are you registered to vote at your college address?

  • Skip the lines! EARLY VOTE
  • VOTE on Election Day.

You must show an ID to vote

  • Your ID address does not have to match the voter registration address.

Student Resources Students marching for 18 year old's right to vote, 1969. The LWV-TX still fights to protect your right to vote. You can help! Join, Donate, Vote!